Becum a Fagbot mp3

If you enjoy forced bi or forced faggotization, my new mp3 – Becum a Fagbot! – will take you deeper into faggotry. You will feel the effects of my robo-voice penetrating your mind layered with techno music to reprogram you to desire cock, cock and only cock. If you dare to listen, this mp3 is 9:14 and is incentive priced at $6.99! Click the Button below to buy it now!

New MP3: Becum a Fagbot!

This holiday weekend, I’ve been composing devious hypno scripts to record when I have the time. I hope to be launching more mp3s soon, titles including: Poppers Zombie, Mind Fucked to Obey, Big Black Cock and Gay Brainwashing! My erotic hypnosis mp3s will be very subversive and irresistible!

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  • fagboi says:

    Sara’s Fagbot mp3 is addictive. I keep listening over and over.

  • brian says:

    Hey I just found this blog. Omg, more hypnotic mp3s please. If You combined poppers with coerced Gay it would just be the bomb. Also, the problem I have with most forced Gay is is all focused on fucky sucky. I want forced fast that makes me crush on boys and imaging making out with them. If poppers were included it would be totes perfection. Come on, Sara, you’re the best, give us addicts what we need 🙂

  • imsogay4sara says:

    omg Sara’s mp3’s turned me gay!!!

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