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Femdom Hypnosis


One of my hypnotic trance seekers shares his intriguing impressions with my hypnosis blog readers… This could be you next…

Dear Goddess Sara,

Where should I begin? I was calling many of the elite Dommes on Niteflirt and I could not focus on just one. I felt like I was splitting my submissive energy. And I also felt something big was missing. Not that any one single Domme could control me. I didn’t want to relinquish to one Domme ultimately. I knew that I should devote myself to one Domme, but that would mean she would have all the power. My brain was having a hard time accepting my submission. I’m somewhat of a powerful guy at work and I have to guard this power to be successful. Then one night I decided to try Femdom hypnosis with a HypnoDomme. That was when my world was turned inside out. And that HypnoDomme was you.

My life hasn’t been the same since. I crave your power and control over me. I feel my desire for you growing. Like an attraction growing into an addiction. I fear it. But it excites me at the same time. I find myself in a new realm, re-energized in life. It’s like you have changed my headspace. I only want to go further, whatever you want to do to me. Brainwash me. Control me. I trust you, yet I know you could do whatever you want to do to me. And I would accept it. That is how far I have fallen for you as my Goddess, my hypnotist. Please feel free to share this email on your blog. I hope my confession will help you get even more hypno slaves. I only want you to have more slaves, more money, more power.

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McTrance – Drive Thru Erotic Hypno


I do not pursue what I call drive-thru hypnosis (five to ten minute hypno quickies). Erotic hypnosis is quickly becoming another phone sex niche in which many PSO’s claim to be proficient. If you are merely looking for drive-thru hypno, seek out McTrance elsewhere. McTrance is the dumbing down of Erotic Hypnosis to a phone sex call instead of a hypnotic experience. I do not consider myself to be a dollar menu HypnoDomme. I have invested hours of time in studying the art of hypnosis, reading, taking online courses as well as having practiced mind control and brainwashing for years on Niteflirt. My practice in mind control and brainwashing is primarily devoted to reprogramming and reconditioning of male sexuality. As one of the top rated Flirts, I consider what I have done so far to be very successful. While I have not yet received my certification as a hypnotist, I plan to seek certification for professional purposes in my career as well as on Niteflirt.

Welcome to Hypnosis Phone Sex, how may I help you? This same phenomenon of PSO’s jumping on a trending bandwagon happened with findom. Financial domination phone sex became populated with quick jerk off calls for anyone who had $10 and wanted to be blasted, “Give me all your money pay pig!” Now I am burdened with erotic hypnosis phone sex calls where hypno pigs want to be told they are going deeper under my spell, that I have complete control over their mind, then they abruptly hang up after a loud moan in five minutes. Would you like some ketchup with your orgasm?

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