I am Sara of Sara’s Playroom on Niteflirt, a popular Femdom who practices many intriguing arts including erotic hypnosis, brainwashing, mind control, female domination and cuckoldry. With over 10 years of experience in reconditioning and reprogramming men, my Niteflirt listings in all pursuits have amassed over 80,000 rating points which not only reflect volume of calls, but also popularity and success in these areas. Before I opened my Niteflirt hypnotist listings, I took over a year of time to study the craft of hypnosis, inclusive of the history of mesmerism, pioneering psychologists, various styles of hypnotism, types of inductions, etc.

I invite you to call me live on Niteflirt and begin the dance between hypnotist and hypno subject or even become my trance slave… I can make you more addicted to hypnosis, make you more addicted to me as your beguiling Hypno Domme, intensify your fetish, change your sexual inclinations or what-have-you-in-mind? Or I can utilize hypnotic persuasions to relax you, to refresh you, take you on a guided fantasy, make you experience ultimate pleasures without inhibitions.

Many of you may already be familiar with my other blogs including Cuckoldress.com, RedCarSmallPenis.com and Femdominant.com

EroticHypnoDomme.com is my blog devoted to erotic hypnosis.