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Sensory Hypnosis


One of my treasured erotic hypnosis phone sex callers has a unique crystal pendant and uses it to enhance his trance experience when he calls. He also sets up a pretty flickering LED candle in an otherwise darkened room, plays delightfully hypnotic music on a CD player and swings the crystal pendant back and forth in the candlelight to my evocative hypnotic induction until he slips down into a mesmerized state and enters deep trance. To appeal to another physical sense, I instructed him to buy a scent diffuser and utilize scented oil during our erotic hypnosis phone sessions. All of these elements engage him in a wonderfully sensational and sensory erotic hypnosis session.

Visual sense – check
Aural sense – check
Olfactory sense – check
Dim lighting for pupil dilation – check

Just recently, I suggested he buy a motor massage cushion for his recliner to send vibrations through his body for more sensual impact. He is shopping for one online. I don’t want him to reach sensory overload per se, but one popular hypnosis technique is that if you overload a hypno subject’s mind with too many sensory inputs which flood the brain’s sensory nerve centers with neural impulses, it becomes easy to offer their mind the bliss of “trance” as the easiest route of escape. Trance wipes out conscious awareness of overstimulation. If you want to experience trance that appeals to your senses, or this type of sensory overload induction, we can explore these together in a sensory hypnosis phone session.

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