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Sissy Training Hypnosis


Sissies need sissy training from the inside out and the outside in. It’s not enough to dress up like a girl and put on a wig and make-up and pose in the mirror. Being a true sissy is more than what is reflected in your mirror image. If all you are doing is feeding off the excitement of dressing up, you are more a crossdresser than a sissy. Sissy Training Hypnosis will train your brain to become a real girl. Erotic hypnosis with me will enhance your sissification experience and take it to a deeper level. After all, it’s in your subconscious mind that your desires to be a sissy were formed. While you are tranced, I will enter your subconscious mind and enact true change that you will feel at your very inner core. I will implant potent triggers that you will instinctively respond to and post-hypnotic suggestions that you will leave you feeling truly sissified and feminine.

It’s time to experience sissy transformation with more intensity through Sissy Hypnosis. All barriers and resistance will be decimated during a sissy phone sex hypnosis session with me. Your sissygirl desires will become more powerful and you will feel and look like more of a sissy. I can perform Breast Hypnosis to influence you to grow larger breasts and make your body release more female hormones, canceling out the toxic testosterone coursing through your veins. I can retrain your voice to be girlier at a subliminal level, where you will find that the results are astonishing! Call me on Niteflirt for Sissification and Feminization Hypnosis. Click the button in the sidebar to call me live or send a message re: my availability to hypnotize you.

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