The Queen of Dopamine

Many hypno seekers on Niteflirt aren’t really seeking classic hypnosis. Instead, they are seeking an arousing “hypnosis-adjacent” experience tailored to their desires, fetishes, kinks or fantasies. While I incorporate hypno elements into orgasmic experiences, it’s obvious these seekers are looking for enhanced masturbation versus dropping into deep trance. The shorter the hypno phone sex call, the more likely this is the case. Five, ten, fifteen minute Niteflirt hypnosis phone sex calls aren’t real hypnosis.

Perhaps, I should typecast these callers as dopamine seekers. These callers have found that adding just a few trance elements to their masturbation elicits more dopamine than if they stroke solo sans hypno. Moreover, they have found that adding these elements increases the dopamine uptake. More dopamine means more pleasure elicited from the powerful brain chemical reward.

I refer to hypnosis as “brain candy” for a reason. Our brain chemicals were the original drugs throughout human evolution. It’s only natural to pursue them. Think of the term “adrenaline junkies” and how these (primarily) men pursue heart-pounding adrenaline-stimulating experiences to feed their escalating needs.

Back to the neurotransmitter dopamine. People are known to pursue this brain chemical in different ways, from video gaming to online shopping to eating favorite foods to doing drugs to having sex. The pursuit of dopamine has become more prevalent in our culture. People can pursue more than ever before. Thanks to smartphones, we have dopamine dispensing devices in our hands all the time.

I have dubbed myself the Queen of Dopamine and recently tweeted “I am the Queen of Dopamine, come get your fix.” Dopamine isn’t just about the actual reward, but the quest for the experience and the reward from indulging in that experience. So, if you need a dose of dopamine, connect with me exclusively on Niteflirt.

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  • pleazure seeker says:

    I love dopamine and I love you, Sara! You’re an amazing hypnotist and ASMR artist.

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