Erotic Hypnosis Merchant Bank Dilemma

I’ve been thinking about starting my own hypnosis mp3 store in addition to featuring my mp3s in the Niteflirt Goodies. I know that so many of the top Hypnodommes feature their own erotic hypnosis mp3 commerce sites. It would make sense to have a single destination store for my hypnosis, mind control and brainwashing mp3 recordings with adult credit card processing and instant download capabilities. One of the biggest issues with Erotic Hypnosis is that many adult merchant account processors will not process hypnosis transactions whether for cam shows, live calls, video clips or audio files. Niteflirt is one of the largest adult venues where their merchant bank will accept hypnosis related transactions of digital goods and adult audiotext (a/k/a phone sex). However, and do not allow hypnosis content. If you go to an adult site and you see the word hypnosis frequently misspelled as hypn0s1s or variations thereof, that particular site’s merchant account frowns on or even bans such transactions. Therefore, the site is attempting a slick workaround to this dilemma.

There are several theories why hypno isn’t merchant account friendly. One theory is that there are frequent chargebacks for hypno related material (many hypno aficionados binge buy and experience buyers’ remorse). Another is that the merchant bank is concerned that the buyer’s level of awareness is impaired during hypnosis, that is, if they are truly hypnotized during the transaction phase.

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  • hypno slut says:

    thanks for explaining this. I was wondering why some clips sites won’t allow hypnosis. I checked it out and Kinkbomb will allow the Mind Fuck. so visa and mastercard allow Mind Fucks but not hypnosis. ironic?

  • trancerlancer says:

    I also have wondered if hypnosis is banned on a lot of the clips sites because it infringes on hypnotherapy which is a psychological treatment?

  • duo nature says:

    yeah a lot of these clips sites will allow mind control, mind fucking, brainwashing, but not hypnosis. and they won’t allow forced intox anymore

  • lucky dude says:

    a lot of sites won’t allow “forced” anything even in fantasy!

  • hipknow says:

    Visa and Mastercard taking all the fun out of adult entertainment!!

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