Hypno Hands Free Orgasm

Once the purview of Erotic Hypnosis, Tantric masturbation or Reiki attunement, Hands Free Orgasms are now available via mainstream orgasm coaching. There are Youtube videos with how-to’s for both men and women who want to experience orgasmic bliss without using their hands, fingers or sextoys. There are articles in Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Men’s Health and other top newsstand publications about experiencing HFOs. Select Reddit threads and subreddits are devoted to climaxing without touch. Redditors continually post links to free HFO videos here.

While I have induced hands-free orgasms via erotic hypnosis, a non-tactile climax probably won’t happen the first time (or even the second or third time) you try to achieve one. This type of hypno is what I call payoff hypnosis. It’s when a hypno subject expects a payoff, typically an orgasm. There is nothing wrong with a hypno orgasm or payoff hypnosis. However, expecting an instant hands free orgasm is unrealistic. The writer of the Cosmopolitan magazine piece decided to go back to “hands on” after multiple frustrating attempts to go “hands off.”

Take time to perfect your HFO via videos, mp3s, solo practice or during erotic hypnosis sessions. Most men have had hands-free orgasms otherwise known as “wet dreams” while sleeping. But it takes a lot more than an erotic dream to peak without penis stimulation.

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  • DirkDigglr says:

    It does take time and practice for a guy to be able to have a BIG O without stroking cock at all. I used to cheat and stroke till I was on the edge and use hypnosis mp3s to push me over the edge. I would say it took me months to achieve! It’s good that you are realistic. I think a lot of guys expect instant gratification.

  • lllll says:

    Phone sex and hypnosis is about instant gratification. I agree with you and your commenter about practice. It didn’t happen for me the first time.

  • Boronuclei says:

    When you’ve been masturbating for years using your hand, you can’t just expect a sexy voice to make you cum (without touching yourself) the first time or even the first few times!!

  • zanzibar says:

    For me an HFO works when cannibis is in the mix.

  • charles hebert says:

    Erotic hypnosis has become my wildest turn in can we talk about this

    YES – Call me on Niteflirt!

  • Hazmatguy says:

    Need someone to play drunken laser tag with. Single for a year now.

    ***What does this have to do with hypnosis??***

  • dododothedadada says:

    Maybe an HFO is just a fantasy?

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