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Hypno Orgasms


Not all erotic hypnosis aficionados want to experience hypno orgasms during their hypnotic trance. Those hypnosis phone sex callers who want to reach climax while they are entranced report that the orgasms they experience while under hypnosis are longer and stronger than the Big O’s from regular stroke stroke boom masturbation. And I can’t forget to mention that live hypnosis can be tailored to a caller’s fantasy or fetish and fulfill what a typical hypno mp3 recording cannot. The live excitement of the interaction with the erotic hypnotist can also add to heightened arousal during trance and enhance the total orgasmic experience.

If you have never experienced a hypno orgasm and are curious about it, you should give in to your curiosity and see what all the hypno hoopla is about. Erotic hypnosis would not be growing in popularity if there wasn’t a reason.

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Chastity Erotic Hypnosis


When you enter into Chastity Erotic Hypnosis with me, I will be your Femdom Hypnotist guiding you to the sexual destination I devise. You will either be permitted to have one final orgasm before you enter into your chastity cage. Or you will have to dunk your cock and balls into a bowl of cold water or ice cubes to shrink them to size where the chastity device can easily be slipped on. You will hide the key while you are in trance, under my command. Then I will place you into a state of amnesia where you will not remember where the key is. Only I will remember where it is and I will make you hide it in a very clever place where you would not even think to look for it. If you become desperately horny and turn your house upside down trying to find they key, you still won’t be able to find it. You have amnesia, remember? LOL

Being in chastity means you will be more devoted to me, more submissive, more obeisant. You will direct all your sexual energy into something more desirable than a masturbator, something more suitable to me as your Chastity Domme. And you will have to earn your releases, either through Tributes or otherwise. Call me on Niteflirt to explore Chastity with Erotic Hypnosis when you see me Available for Hypno Sessions.

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Hypno Orgasm


There are several types of orgasms you can experience during a sensual erotic hypnosis phone sex session. If you wish to experience one of these types of hypno orgasms, tell me when you call me live on Niteflirt. This blog post is purposefully slanted toward male callers, since I have not received a call for hypnosis phonesex from a female caller, yet, wink wink. Hypno orgasms fall under one of the more popular types of Erotic Hypnosis, Orgasm Control Hypnosis, where I will take control of your arousal and orgasm.

1. Orgasm During Trance

Some erotic hypno phone sex callers experience a more powerful orgasm during trance than consciously masturbating to orgasm. These hypno seekers enjoy bliss as well, but ultimately their mind-blowing orgasm drives them to seek out trance again and again for the most volcanic climaxes. Let me take control of your state of arousal and lead you to an explosive orgasm.

2. Post Trance Orgasm

Some hypno sex callers experience a powerful O just coming out of trance when they find themselves cock in hand, erect and stroking. They are either back to a re-alerted conscious state or semi-conscious and still blissed when their orgasm commences. Let me guide you through an intense state of arousal in trance that will lead you to this orgasmic conclusion just after re-alerting (awakening) you.

2. Hands Free Hypno Orgasm

One of the most amazing erotic hypnosis sex experience is an orgasm without touching one’s genitals at all. For male callers, this obviously means that there is no manual cock stroking, only deep erotic suggestions and mental stimulation that culminate in a hands free ball blowing blast! Not all hypno subjects are capable of achieving this mind-bending orgasm, but still enjoy the heightened state of arousal.

3. Cum on Hypno Command

Another erotic sex experience is to be given guided masturbation during hypnotic trance leading to a countdown to orgasm or other command to cum. The masturbation pleasure builds until release is imminent whereupon the command results an in instantaneous, ecstatic orgasm. It’s time for you to cum now! Call me for live Orgasm Control Hypnosis on Niteflirt.

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