Hypno Orgasms

Not all erotic hypnosis aficionados want to experience hypno orgasms during their hypnotic trance. Those hypnosis phone sex callers who want to reach climax while they are entranced report that the orgasms they experience while under hypnosis are longer and stronger than the Big O’s from regular stroke stroke boom masturbation. And I can’t forget to mention that live hypnosis can be tailored to a caller’s fantasy or fetish and fulfill what a typical hypno mp3 recording cannot. The live excitement of the interaction with the erotic hypnotist can also add to heightened arousal during trance and enhance the total orgasmic experience.

If you have never experienced a hypno orgasm and are curious about it, you should give in to your curiosity and see what all the hypno hoopla is about. Erotic hypnosis would not be growing in popularity if there wasn’t a reason.

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  • hypnoaddicted says:

    sometimes you don’t let me orgasm during hypnosis Mistress! i like it when you control me

  • hypno slut says:

    I’ve tried to give myself hypno orgasms by staring at spirals or watching hypno videos or listening to mp3’s while stroking, but live hypnosis for me has been the best way to experience a hypno orgasm. Thank You Goddess Sara from your hypno slut

  • Jon says:

    I really appreciate your efforts put on this blog. Do you do hypno for quitting smoking? I know it doesn’t fall under erotic hypnosis but I think that only a sexy voice will get me to quit smoking “cancer sticks”

  • Brian says:

    I’ve fantasized quite often about experiencing an orgasm during hypnosis… but strictly through nipple play as opposed to JO. Come to think of it, being conditioned to be addicted to nipple play orgasms sounds incredibly hot if possible…

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