Take a Journey into Your Mind

Using my powers of hypnosis, I can enhance any fantasy, fetish or desire you may have. I can lead you on an intense journey, an amazing adventure into your own mind. Erotic hypnosis is often referred to as adult hypnosis or recreational hypnosis. Typically, this style of hypnosis is not used for clinical hypnotherapy, rather it is used for entertainment, fantasy and arousal. My style of erotic hypnosis is very evocative. If I have sufficient time (at least twenty to thirty minutes), I will bring your trance to a mind-blowing crescendo. I do not rely on repetition of the same words or phrases except when I feel that mantras or affirmations should be employed or that a trigger word needs to be emphasized for effect.

I have done hypnosis “phone sex” calls as short as ten minutes in length (these short hypno phone sex calls are not my preference whatsoever) and erotic hypno sessions as long as eight hours. The latter isn’t braggadocio, I am illustrating my abilities and gifts as a trance artist. Experience the beauty of bliss with me on Niteflirt. Check my stellar feedback on my Niteflirt Erotic Hypnosis listing which reflects my skills as an erotic hypnotist.

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  • hypnoaddicted says:

    whenever i call Sara for hypno she puts me in a deep hypno coma. she is amazing.

  • soaddicted2sara says:

    Sara is one of the best hypnodommes on Niteflirt, in the top 3 asbolutely, she never fails to impress. Sara, you need to charge more per minute. Maybe then you won’t be so busy and I will be able to get thru more often.

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