All You Can Eat at the Hypno Buffet

I have always been fascinated by hypnosis. I would love to be hypnotized and given triggers to bring me in and out of hypnosis, to make me cum on command, to make me forget who I am, to be made to believe I am A girl or a baby or a puppet or a puppy. All of these in the same session. Basically to just be played with to feel your control over me. Can you do that? … from a Niteflirt hypnosis seeker

Too much! Don’t try to integrate too many elements into a Niteflirt erotic hypnosis session. Be selective. Experience these elements uniquely or intervolved but not piled on top of each as if you were stuffing yourself at an all you can eat hypno buffet! And when you send an email inquiry, include a Tribute for me to read and respond. Be respectful of my time and dominant energy.

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  • dizzzzy says:

    it seems like he was inexperienced with hypnosis. hopefully you set him straight (or gay lol)

  • uaresowhat says:

    hmmmm elements that don’t make sense to combine

  • trancerlancer says:

    Well if he was planning to be hypnotized for hours, you could make it work.

  • sufi729 says:

    As the saying goes – too much is never enough

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