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All You Can Eat at the Hypno Buffet


I have always been fascinated by hypnosis. I would love to be hypnotized and given triggers to bring me in and out of hypnosis, to make me cum on command, to make me forget who I am, to be made to believe I am A girl or a baby or a puppet or a puppy. All of these in the same session. Basically to just be played with to feel your control over me. Can you do that? … from a Niteflirt hypnosis seeker

Too much! Don’t try to integrate too many elements into a Niteflirt erotic hypnosis session. Be selective. Experience these elements uniquely or intervolved but not piled on top of each as if you were stuffing yourself at an all you can eat hypno buffet! And when you send an email inquiry, include a Tribute for me to read and respond. Be respectful of my time and dominant energy.

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Hypno Switch


I had a recent Niteflirt phone sex hypnosis inquiry about whether I would consider embarking on a call where I would hypnotized by the caller. This Niteflirt caller claimed to be a hypno dom. I’m not what anyone would term a Hypno Switch. The caller told me… “Too bad, because I spend a lot of money on hypnotizing women on Niteflirt.” Like I was going to be missing out on his money? Pfffft.

There may be Erotic Hypno Dommes who will switch and if that is their nature, fine. I’m not expressing a disdain for anyone who switches. The nature of a switch is an interesting phenomenon, but on the continuum of domination vs submission, I am firmly dominant.

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Fake Hypno Slaves Get the Faux Off


I received an entertaining call from a hypno fake last nite. This faux hypno seeker claimed he had called other erotic hypnotists on Niteflirt, but hadn’t been successfully hypnotized. In my opinion, the hypnotists he told me he had called are among the very top erotic Hypnodommes on Niteflirt. What an annoying and pompous attitude. He stated his analytical and intellectual mind prevented him from being hypnotized. More like his faux fuckery and feigned superiority complex prevented him from being hypnotized or his lack of funds to spend on a full hypno session… Read on. I wasn’t shocked when he asked if I thought I could hypnotize him. I flat out told him no. He was surprised by my answer. Or maybe he was actually surprised I wasn’t going to play his game.

He proceeded to ask whether the Hypnosis Femdoms he called didn’t use the right type of inductions given his analytical mind. He queried me about some of the inductions I employ, how they function and how I would ultimately prove to him that he had been hypnotized. Generally, I don’t like talking about the secret sauce I use during my sessions with a particular hypnosis phone sex caller. Therefore, I used broad strokes in discussing this with him. After a lengthy five minutes LOLOL his big money ran out. I then blocked him. I don’t have time to play games with a hypno fake. I’m sure he’ll be calling another Hypno Mistress with the same pathetic five minute game or if he has more than ten bucks to splurge, he’ll be doing another erotic hypnosis session where he claims he wasn’t hypnotized.

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McTrance – Drive Thru Erotic Hypno


I do not pursue what I call drive-thru hypnosis (five to ten minute hypno quickies). Erotic hypnosis is quickly becoming another phone sex niche in which many PSO’s claim to be proficient. If you are merely looking for drive-thru hypno, seek out McTrance elsewhere. McTrance is the dumbing down of Erotic Hypnosis to a phone sex call instead of a hypnotic experience. I do not consider myself to be a dollar menu HypnoDomme. I have invested hours of time in studying the art of hypnosis, reading, taking online courses as well as having practiced mind control and brainwashing for years on Niteflirt. My practice in mind control and brainwashing is primarily devoted to reprogramming and reconditioning of male sexuality. As one of the top rated Flirts, I consider what I have done so far to be very successful. While I have not yet received my certification as a hypnotist, I plan to seek certification for professional purposes in my career as well as on Niteflirt.

Welcome to Hypnosis Phone Sex, how may I help you? This same phenomenon of PSO’s jumping on a trending bandwagon happened with findom. Financial domination phone sex became populated with quick jerk off calls for anyone who had $10 and wanted to be blasted, “Give me all your money pay pig!” Now I am burdened with erotic hypnosis phone sex calls where hypno pigs want to be told they are going deeper under my spell, that I have complete control over their mind, then they abruptly hang up after a loud moan in five minutes. Would you like some ketchup with your orgasm?

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“I Bet You Can’t Hypnotize Me”


Of course I can’t, because I won’t! Callers like this are just baiting me, for pointless entertainment. These callers aren’t really interested in hypnosis, but engaging me, the erotic hypnotist, in a time-wasting parry. Crank hypno callers who dare to be hypnotized are the same ilk as those pseudo-subbies who claim they can’t be dominated. “I bet you can’t dominate me.” The Niteflirt caller block feature works quite well in dealing with these types of callers who don’t respect female dominance and who get their kicks from their faux defensive stance. Sometimes I just laugh at them and state, “No, but I can take your money, let’s keep talking and see how much I can take.” When money is brought up, this reminds wankers that their true desire is to spend as little as possible to obtain their jerk off jollies. Besides, I want these wankers out of the way for those who want to experience true trance or dominance to be able to ring through.

A classic line received today: “When are you at your phone and why should I choose you?” I responded: “I am never at my phone, my phone is not a place. I am at home and when the phone rings, I answer. You can answer your question as to why I should choose you, after you call, then you will know, you made the right choice.” Of course, I knew my answer would not motivate this non-caller. He was just looking for free email titillation about why he should choose me for an erotic hypnosis call.

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