“I Bet You Can’t Hypnotize Me”

Of course I can’t, because I won’t! Callers like this are just baiting me, for pointless entertainment. These callers aren’t really interested in hypnosis, but engaging me, the erotic hypnotist, in a time-wasting parry. Crank hypno callers who dare to be hypnotized are the same ilk as those pseudo-subbies who claim they can’t be dominated. “I bet you can’t dominate me.” The Niteflirt caller block feature works quite well in dealing with these types of callers who don’t respect female dominance and who get their kicks from their faux defensive stance. Sometimes I just laugh at them and state, “No, but I can take your money, let’s keep talking and see how much I can take.” When money is brought up, this reminds wankers that their true desire is to spend as little as possible to obtain their jerk off jollies. Besides, I want these wankers out of the way for those who want to experience true trance or dominance to be able to ring through.

A classic line received today: “When are you at your phone and why should I choose you?” I responded: “I am never at my phone, my phone is not a place. I am at home and when the phone rings, I answer. You can answer your question as to why I should choose you, after you call, then you will know, you made the right choice.” Of course, I knew my answer would not motivate this non-caller. He was just looking for free email titillation about why he should choose me for an erotic hypnosis call.

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  • D.D. says:

    I can’t stand the “You can’t hypnotize me” crank callers either ~ from another HypnoDomme

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