Fake Hypno Slaves Get the Faux Off

I received an entertaining call from a hypno fake last nite. This faux hypno seeker claimed he had called other erotic hypnotists on Niteflirt, but hadn’t been successfully hypnotized. In my opinion, the hypnotists he told me he had called are among the very top erotic Hypnodommes on Niteflirt. What an annoying and pompous attitude. He stated his analytical and intellectual mind prevented him from being hypnotized. More like his faux fuckery and feigned superiority complex prevented him from being hypnotized or his lack of funds to spend on a full hypno session… Read on. I wasn’t shocked when he asked if I thought I could hypnotize him. I flat out told him no. He was surprised by my answer. Or maybe he was actually surprised I wasn’t going to play his game.

He proceeded to ask whether the Hypnosis Femdoms he called didn’t use the right type of inductions given his analytical mind. He queried me about some of the inductions I employ, how they function and how I would ultimately prove to him that he had been hypnotized. Generally, I don’t like talking about the secret sauce I use during my sessions with a particular hypnosis phone sex caller. Therefore, I used broad strokes in discussing this with him. After a lengthy five minutes LOLOL his big money ran out. I then blocked him. I don’t have time to play games with a hypno fake. I’m sure he’ll be calling another Hypno Mistress with the same pathetic five minute game or if he has more than ten bucks to splurge, he’ll be doing another erotic hypnosis session where he claims he wasn’t hypnotized.

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  • hypnoaddicted says:

    so sorry you had to deal with this Mistress.

  • hypnoMISTRESS says:

    I find that many of these types flit around annoying Hypnodommes because that is ultimately their fetish. They have no intention of being hypnotized. They want to cop a superior attitude and try to top the Domme.

  • trancerlancer says:

    Sometimes I don’t get hypnotized during sessions, but I just pretend I do. Even if I’m not hypnotized, it’s relaxing overall. Call me a hypno fake then.

  • zoomlander says:

    always respect the hypnodomme!

  • Bob says:

    Well it just goes to show you some of the best hypnotic geniuses can be painfully ignorant if not just plain dumb about certain things..I am sure he wasn’t at all hypnotized by them..too bad he wasted his money arguing with you about their inability to get him under or use an effective technique with him..or maybe not give him a full effort when it came down to the actual hypnotizing of the domme session

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