Hypno Switch

I had a recent Niteflirt phone sex hypnosis inquiry about whether I would consider embarking on a call where I would hypnotized by the caller. This Niteflirt caller claimed to be a hypno dom. I’m not what anyone would term a Hypno Switch. The caller told me… “Too bad, because I spend a lot of money on hypnotizing women on Niteflirt.” Like I was going to be missing out on his money? Pfffft.

There may be Erotic Hypno Dommes who will switch and if that is their nature, fine. I’m not expressing a disdain for anyone who switches. The nature of a switch is an interesting phenomenon, but on the continuum of domination vs submission, I am firmly dominant.

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  • hyp2bsquare says:

    even on Inraptured, the top erotic hypnosis forum, hypnodommes who switch are not supposed to be public about it. they’re supposed to keep their switch desire private. I think there’s nothing wrong with hypnodommes craving to be hypnotized but I think other hypnodommes feel it breaks protocol.

  • hypnoooo says:

    I don’t know why this guy is bothering Hypno Dommes. Maybe that’s how he gets off and he can’t even hypnotize anyone.

  • trancerlancer says:

    You should have just let him try to hypnotize you, then tell him he sucks at hypnosis.

  • Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds says:

    In the universe of BDSM there are switches, it should be acceptable to be a switch in erotic hypnosis. I was shocked that one of the top erotic hypnotists (we all know who) forbids this on her public forum.

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