Fall Under My Spell

Experience the euphoria that only a beautiful erotic hypnosis artist can evoke. Your thoughts will evaporate, replaced with the liquefied bliss that is my voice. I will make it so easy for you to fall under my spell. Trance with me now. I can enslave you, enchant you, brainwash you, addict you. I can make any fetish or fantasy more powerful, because you will be unbound from your conscious mind filtering your emotions and desires. Are you hypno curious? You should begin your descent into the realm of mesmerism. At the very least, you will find the trance experience relaxing. The after-burn will be phenomenal. Even when you are in a wakeful state, you will feel my dominant presence lingering in the back of your mind, right where I want to be. You will be bound to my influence, I call it mental BDSM. In case you didn’t already know, I am Sara of Sara’s Playroom, exclusively on Niteflirt. Click to call me if you see me live or email for my general availability if you don’t see me online for sessions.

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  • hyp2bsquare says:

    you have me bound to you by mental BDSM I am helpless your puppet your pawn

  • sara's hypno puppet says:

    omg I have fallen under your spell and I realize there is no way out, I’m forever yours

  • duo nature says:

    Sounds amazing!

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