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Hypnosis OBE


A Niteflirt hypno aficionado who craves an Out of Body Experience during hypnosis has been in my thrall. Also known by the acronyms OBE or OOBE, hypnosis is one way to achieve this altered state of consciousness. Be aware he enhances his OBE with a little intox first. I am not saying you can’t reach an OBE without intox, but you know yourself better than I. Therefore, you would know if you need a little chemical induction in addition to a hypnotic induction.

Giordano, Luca (Italian, 1632-1705) - The Dream of Solomon, 1693, Museo del Prado, Madrid

The experience of being outside your body can be pleasurable or unnerving. You must be relaxed, willing and curious. If you wish to explore this phenomenon during a hypnosis session, we can chat about your desires for an OBE. Be sure to tell me about any OBEs you have experienced, such as in dreams or listening to hypnosis mp3s especially those featuring binaural beats. Then I will trance you. There is no guarantee you will experience an OBE. Be aware that it takes a longer hypno session of 40 – 45 minutes or more to open that mental portal. Don’t think you can get to an OBE quickly. You will also need aftercare time to be re-oriented from your OBE.

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Fall Under My Spell


Experience the euphoria that only a beautiful erotic hypnosis artist can evoke. Your thoughts will evaporate, replaced with the liquefied bliss that is my voice. I will make it so easy for you to fall under my spell. Trance with me now. I can enslave you, enchant you, brainwash you, addict you. I can make any fetish or fantasy more powerful, because you will be unbound from your conscious mind filtering your emotions and desires. Are you hypno curious? You should begin your descent into the realm of mesmerism. At the very least, you will find the trance experience relaxing. The after-burn will be phenomenal. Even when you are in a wakeful state, you will feel my dominant presence lingering in the back of your mind, right where I want to be. You will be bound to my influence, I call it mental BDSM. In case you didn’t already know, I am Sara of Sara’s Playroom, exclusively on Niteflirt. Click to call me if you see me live or email for my general availability if you don’t see me online for sessions.

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Sexual Reprogramming Hypnosis


A confession from one of my hypno slaves… If you are intrigued by hypnosis interrogation, brainwashing, sexual reprogramming and financial domination, this could be you next…

Thank you for being my hypnotherapist. I first contacted you to hypnotize me to help my sex addiction and the fact that I am a chronic masturbator. but knowing this about me you decided to turn me into your brainwashed hypno slave instead. I told you all my secrets and info under hypnosis interrogation thinking it was just for therapy. because of my sex addiction I used to go to strip clubs a lot where the women dominated me, teased me which made me weak confused and helpless and they drained my wallet and there was nothing I can do about it.

You told me as a hypnotherapist I needed to go on cam to prove I am hypnotized but then you recorded me and interrogated me when I was in trance. before I know it instead of going to strip clubs you made me stay home online naked on cam keeping my cock hard to pics and videos of black guys cocks for you instead of going out. You told me you were reprogramming me to get addicted to black cocks. You told me you’re going to use me to do brainwashing hypnosis experiments on me. I kept begging you to let me go let me go but you don’t let me and you make you pay you a very high tribute fee and say it’s for my own good that you force me to stay home naked edging to black cock photos and videos. You tell me that I will not have the money for strip clubs ever again or desire for other women except to serve you. I am so glad you are controlling me. please keep reprogramming me please.

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Femdom Hypnosis


One of my hypnotic trance seekers shares his intriguing impressions with my hypnosis blog readers… This could be you next…

Dear Goddess Sara,

Where should I begin? I was calling many of the elite Dommes on Niteflirt and I could not focus on just one. I felt like I was splitting my submissive energy. And I also felt something big was missing. Not that any one single Domme could control me. I didn’t want to relinquish to one Domme ultimately. I knew that I should devote myself to one Domme, but that would mean she would have all the power. My brain was having a hard time accepting my submission. I’m somewhat of a powerful guy at work and I have to guard this power to be successful. Then one night I decided to try Femdom hypnosis with a HypnoDomme. That was when my world was turned inside out. And that HypnoDomme was you.

My life hasn’t been the same since. I crave your power and control over me. I feel my desire for you growing. Like an attraction growing into an addiction. I fear it. But it excites me at the same time. I find myself in a new realm, re-energized in life. It’s like you have changed my headspace. I only want to go further, whatever you want to do to me. Brainwash me. Control me. I trust you, yet I know you could do whatever you want to do to me. And I would accept it. That is how far I have fallen for you as my Goddess, my hypnotist. Please feel free to share this email on your blog. I hope my confession will help you get even more hypno slaves. I only want you to have more slaves, more money, more power.

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Hypnosis Mind Hacking


Computer hackers look for back doors and weaknesses in computers and computer systems. They gain entry, steal data to use for nefarious purposes, erase data or deposit information. Hypnosis is much like computer hacking, except that you allow entry to your subconscious and you are aware that your mind is being hypnotized. The changes performed subliminally during an erotic hypnosis session may be somewhat insidious and wicked. Be prepared to have your mind hacked and to have new thoughts embedded, false memories implanted. Since your brain works very much like a computer, your circuitry can be tweaked. You can be reprogrammed. You can even be turned into an automaton. You can be interrogated in order to gain sensitive information about your sexual secrets or anything that could be used to exploit you, blackmail you. If you like edgy blackmail games, mind control, interrogation, mind erasure brainwashing, ASFR technosexuality, Femme Fatale fantasies, then you will get into Hypnosis Mind Hacking.

Mind hacking can take you beyond your wildest hypnosis fantasies into a new realm of mind-bending. Remember, once I gain entry to your inner core, I can continue to extract data, deposit thoughts, memories, perform reprogramming as I wish. You will be vulnerable. Do not doubt my powers. I have an erotic hypnosis slave who requests that I speak in a computer like voice to enhance his mind hacking hypno experience. If you fantasize about having this type of voice taking over your mind or having your mind hacked, call me on Niteflirt now.

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Mental Bondage


If you want to feel a deep and lasting connection to a preeminent Domme, the exquisite power of Erotic Hypnosis can forge such a bond between Hypno Domina and hypno slave. Mental Bondage is a state where a hypno slave feels bound to his Mistress without physical bondage. Imagery of physical bondage is often utilized during a BDSM hypnosis session, so that a hypno subject can visualize actual bondage over their body to enhance the mental ties that bind. This imagery may include strong bondage rope or inescapable strands in a sticky web. The essence of what many hypno seekers are turned on by is helplessness and powerlessness. Potent hypnotic suggestions can be utilized in addition to compelling triggers to invoke feelings of mental bondage and mind control.

Submissives and slaves crave feeling power over them, feeling control over them, crave belonging to their Hypno Femdom. The Domme unequivocally craves taking and exerting power in this D\s relationship paradigm. Erotic Hypnosis can keep a submissive in subspace long after a BDSM phone hypnosis session is over, by evoking inexorable bonds. “You feel my power over you now and my power will only grow stronger and stronger, even after I bring you back to a wakeful and mindful state.” “You belong to me.” “You live for me.” “You are mine.” “You’re bound to me by the power of words. These bonds can never be broken.”

If you want to feel such a deep and lasting connection to an esteemed Hypno Domme, to feel mental bondage over you, you need to click to call me on Niteflirt for an Erotic Hypnosis session. If I am not available when you encounter my intriguing blog post, you may email me using the button below to inquire about my availability on Niteflirt.

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Hypno Addiction


Many of my erotic hypnosis sessions are about building more addiction to hypnosis and addiction to me as a HypnoDomme. But when does hypno addiction become debilitating vs. erotic? Is an erotic hypnotist obligated to maintain an ethical stance and not pursue a hypno slave who has confessed that their addiction to hypnosis has led to total financial ruin?

With anything pleasurable, there exists the risk of becoming addicted, whether it is drink, drugs, sex, gambling, shopping, hypno pleasure seeking… However, I had not encountered a hypno slave before whose pleasure seeking had caused them to experience the downfall of compulsive addiction. Addiction isn’t always about the pleasure unto itself, but about what leads to the addiction, known as the stressor. The addiction relieves the stress or acts as self-medication or escape from the stress, then leads to more stress, typically because money is spent to pursue the addiction, beyond affordability. The rolling snowball soon builds to an avalanche, out of control. Here is a confession from a slave whose pursuit of erotic hypnosis went out of control:

last night’s trance session was beyond wonderful, thank you! i apologize to you for cutting the call short, and let me explain why. i have been a hypno junkie addict for many years, and i have paid an enormous price. it did bankrupt me and led to my divorce. it did cause me emotional stress that has been sometimes too difficult to handle. some time ago i began to try and deal with it. before last night i had not spoken to anyone or gone into an induced trance in almost 2 months. i fell off the wagon last night because i am still human and once an addict, the hunger is a day to day battle. if i had the money to continue ad infinitum, i would be honored to spend it on you! everything last night was really me, really truth. i never have and never will make believe, and now i must continue that honesty by telling you i can not become a frequent and ongoing subject. over the past months i have been building up my defenses so like last night, i have a brake pedal to keep from backsliding, and if i do fall off the wagon, i can stop it before it goes too far. my life has been filled with more than enough grief and trials. last night’s wonder made up for a whole lot of that. You are quite a skilled lady, and you sound like you have a good soul as well – rare combination. i need to remain distant and try again to stop from falling into a trap that this time could be bottomless and horrible. please accept my apology and praise. perhaps we will cross paths again. believe me, i am not bouncing from domme to domme any more, and this note is not b.s. it is the truth.

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