Hypnosis Mind Hacking

Computer hackers look for back doors and weaknesses in computers and computer systems. They gain entry, steal data to use for nefarious purposes, erase data or deposit information. Hypnosis is much like computer hacking, except that you allow entry to your subconscious and you are aware that your mind is being hypnotized. The changes performed subliminally during an erotic hypnosis session may be somewhat insidious and wicked. Be prepared to have your mind hacked and to have new thoughts embedded, false memories implanted. Since your brain works very much like a computer, your circuitry can be tweaked. You can be reprogrammed. You can even be turned into an automaton. You can be interrogated in order to gain sensitive information about your sexual secrets or anything that could be used to exploit you, blackmail you. If you like edgy blackmail games, mind control, interrogation, mind erasure brainwashing, ASFR technosexuality, Femme Fatale fantasies, then you will get into Hypnosis Mind Hacking.

Mind hacking can take you beyond your wildest hypnosis fantasies into a new realm of mind-bending. Remember, once I gain entry to your inner core, I can continue to extract data, deposit thoughts, memories, perform reprogramming as I wish. You will be vulnerable. Do not doubt my powers. I have an erotic hypnosis slave who requests that I speak in a computer like voice to enhance his mind hacking hypno experience. If you fantasize about having this type of voice taking over your mind or having your mind hacked, call me on Niteflirt now.

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  • hypnoaddicted says:

    I called Empress Sara to have my mind hacked and it was the most amazing hypno experience. I still feel like my mind was hacked and it’s been a few days since.

  • brian says:

    Omg Sara, “blackmail games, mind control, interrogation, mind erasure brainwashing, ASFR technosexuality, Femme Fatale fantasies” sound amazing. I seriously need to do a mind hacking call with You soon. How much time should I have? You’re so amazing!

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