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A Niteflirt hypno aficionado who craves an Out of Body Experience during hypnosis has been in my thrall. Also known by the acronyms OBE or OOBE, hypnosis is one way to achieve this altered state of consciousness. Be aware he enhances his OBE with a little intox first. I am not saying you can’t reach an OBE without intox, but you know yourself better than I. Therefore, you would know if you need a little chemical induction in addition to a hypnotic induction.

Giordano, Luca (Italian, 1632-1705) - The Dream of Solomon, 1693, Museo del Prado, Madrid

The experience of being outside your body can be pleasurable or unnerving. You must be relaxed, willing and curious. If you wish to explore this phenomenon during a hypnosis session, we can chat about your desires for an OBE. Be sure to tell me about any OBEs you have experienced, such as in dreams or listening to hypnosis mp3s especially those featuring binaural beats. Then I will trance you. There is no guarantee you will experience an OBE. Be aware that it takes a longer hypno session of 40 – 45 minutes or more to open that mental portal. Don’t think you can get to an OBE quickly. You will also need aftercare time to be re-oriented from your OBE.

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  • dizzzzy says:

    sounds cool. I’m going to read up on this hypnosis experience before I try it with you

  • uaresowhat says:

    Sara makes me feel like I’m floating during hypno


  • trancer says:

    you are an amazing erotic hypnotist!!

  • zoomlander says:

    I feel like I’m floating / flying while you hypnotize me. I like your Magic Carpet Ride trance. When you start making mp3s again I hope you produce a Magic Carpet Ride file.

  • Kevinrof says:

    Your site has a lot of really good articles. I buy hypno mp3s.

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