Hypno Addiction

Many of my erotic hypnosis sessions are about building more addiction to hypnosis and addiction to me as a HypnoDomme. But when does hypno addiction become debilitating vs. erotic? Is an erotic hypnotist obligated to maintain an ethical stance and not pursue a hypno slave who has confessed that their addiction to hypnosis has led to total financial ruin?

With anything pleasurable, there exists the risk of becoming addicted, whether it is drink, drugs, sex, gambling, shopping, hypno pleasure seeking… However, I had not encountered a hypno slave before whose pleasure seeking had caused them to experience the downfall of compulsive addiction. Addiction isn’t always about the pleasure unto itself, but about what leads to the addiction, known as the stressor. The addiction relieves the stress or acts as self-medication or escape from the stress, then leads to more stress, typically because money is spent to pursue the addiction, beyond affordability. The rolling snowball soon builds to an avalanche, out of control. Here is a confession from a slave whose pursuit of erotic hypnosis went out of control:

last night’s trance session was beyond wonderful, thank you! i apologize to you for cutting the call short, and let me explain why. i have been a hypno junkie addict for many years, and i have paid an enormous price. it did bankrupt me and led to my divorce. it did cause me emotional stress that has been sometimes too difficult to handle. some time ago i began to try and deal with it. before last night i had not spoken to anyone or gone into an induced trance in almost 2 months. i fell off the wagon last night because i am still human and once an addict, the hunger is a day to day battle. if i had the money to continue ad infinitum, i would be honored to spend it on you! everything last night was really me, really truth. i never have and never will make believe, and now i must continue that honesty by telling you i can not become a frequent and ongoing subject. over the past months i have been building up my defenses so like last night, i have a brake pedal to keep from backsliding, and if i do fall off the wagon, i can stop it before it goes too far. my life has been filled with more than enough grief and trials. last night’s wonder made up for a whole lot of that. You are quite a skilled lady, and you sound like you have a good soul as well – rare combination. i need to remain distant and try again to stop from falling into a trap that this time could be bottomless and horrible. please accept my apology and praise. perhaps we will cross paths again. believe me, i am not bouncing from domme to domme any more, and this note is not b.s. it is the truth.

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  • hypnoaddicted says:

    I got addicted to hypnosis. I spend a lot of money on hypno. I don’t think a Hypnodomme should worry about it, unless she would have to absorb chargebacks or whatever.

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