Fake Hypno Slaves Get the Faux Off

I received an entertaining call from a hypno fake last nite. This faux hypno seeker claimed he had called other erotic hypnotists on Niteflirt, but hadn’t been successfully hypnotized. In my opinion, the hypnotists he told me he had called are among the very top erotic Hypnodommes on Niteflirt. What an annoying and pompous attitude. He stated his analytical and intellectual mind prevented him from being hypnotized. More like his faux fuckery and feigned superiority complex prevented him from being hypnotized or his lack of funds to spend on a full hypno session… Read on. I wasn’t shocked when he asked if I thought I could hypnotize him. I flat out told him no. He was surprised by my answer. Or maybe he was actually surprised I wasn’t going to play his game.

He proceeded to ask whether the Hypnosis Femdoms he called didn’t use the right type of inductions given his analytical mind. He queried me about some of the inductions I employ, how they function and how I would ultimately prove to him that he had been hypnotized. Generally, I don’t like talking about the secret sauce I use during my sessions with a particular hypnosis phone sex caller. Therefore, I used broad strokes in discussing this with him. After a lengthy five minutes LOLOL his big money ran out. I then blocked him. I don’t have time to play games with a hypno fake. I’m sure he’ll be calling another Hypno Mistress with the same pathetic five minute game or if he has more than ten bucks to splurge, he’ll be doing another erotic hypnosis session where he claims he wasn’t hypnotized.



Femdom Hypnosis

One of my hypnotic trance seekers shares his intriguing impressions with my hypnosis blog readers… This could be you next…

Dear Goddess Sara,

Where should I begin? I was calling many of the elite Dommes on Niteflirt and I could not focus on just one. I felt like I was splitting my submissive energy. And I also felt something big was missing. Not that any one single Domme could control me. I didn’t want to relinquish to one Domme ultimately. I knew that I should devote myself to one Domme, but that would mean she would have all the power. My brain was having a hard time accepting my submission. I’m somewhat of a powerful guy at work and I have to guard this power to be successful. Then one night I decided to try Femdom hypnosis with a HypnoDomme. That was when my world was turned inside out. And that HypnoDomme was you.

My life hasn’t been the same since. I crave your power and control over me. I feel my desire for you growing. Like an attraction growing into an addiction. I fear it. But it excites me at the same time. I find myself in a new realm, re-energized in life. It’s like you have changed my headspace. I only want to go further, whatever you want to do to me. Brainwash me. Control me. I trust you, yet I know you could do whatever you want to do to me. And I would accept it. That is how far I have fallen for you as my Goddess, my hypnotist. Please feel free to share this email on your blog. I hope my confession will help you get even more hypno slaves. I only want you to have more slaves, more money, more power.

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Financial Domination Hypnosis

Financial Domination Hypnosis is powerful erotic hypnosis where the findom fetish will be enhanced and the bond between a finsub and FinDomme will be strengthened. Virtually, any fetish can be enhanced using hypnosis techniques, but financial domination even more so. Most finsubs want to be taken deeper into their fetish by a Hypno Money Domme. A static fetish, such as a foot fetish, may perennially excite a foot slave without the need for deepening the attraction to women’s feet. However, a money slave craves a dynamic fetish, which means that the fetish must evolve and deepen to maintain or increase its excitatory power. Giving even more and more to a Financial Domina or eventually being ruined as the ultimate financial fuckover evidence the dynamics of money slavery. Live Financial Domination Hypnosis or listening to mp3 files can take a money piggie progressively deeper and prompt him to spend more, gift more. These reinforcements tap into the dynamic nature of the money piggie’s desires.

Hypnosis, unto itself, can reduce frontal cortex activity, meaning the typical actions of the conscious mind and its self defense mechanisms, to appeal directly to the limbic system where emotions and drives are formed. This is the technical way to explain how hypnosis works within the brain and the neural pathways. It isn’t difficult to grasp how hypnosis can intensify the findom fetish using trance, triggers, suggestions. If you wish to explore Financial Domination Hypnosis live on Niteflirt, click the button below to call me or inquire about my availability.



Hypnosis Mind Hacking

Computer hackers look for back doors and weaknesses in computers and computer systems. They gain entry, steal data to use for nefarious purposes, erase data or deposit information. Hypnosis is much like computer hacking, except that you allow entry to your subconscious and you are aware that your mind is being hypnotized. The changes performed subliminally during an erotic hypnosis session may be somewhat insidious and wicked. Be prepared to have your mind hacked and to have new thoughts embedded, false memories implanted. Since your brain works very much like a computer, your circuitry can be tweaked. You can be reprogrammed. You can even be turned into an automaton. You can be interrogated in order to gain sensitive information about your sexual secrets or anything that could be used to exploit you, blackmail you. If you like edgy blackmail games, mind control, interrogation, mind erasure brainwashing, ASFR technosexuality, Femme Fatale fantasies, then you will get into Hypnosis Mind Hacking.

Mind hacking can take you beyond your wildest hypnosis fantasies into a new realm of mind-bending. Remember, once I gain entry to your inner core, I can continue to extract data, deposit thoughts, memories, perform reprogramming as I wish. You will be vulnerable. Do not doubt my powers. I have an erotic hypnosis slave who requests that I speak in a computer like voice to enhance his mind hacking hypno experience. If you fantasize about having this type of voice taking over your mind or having your mind hacked, call me on Niteflirt now.



Mental Bondage

If you want to feel a deep and lasting connection to a preeminent Domme, the exquisite power of Erotic Hypnosis can forge such a bond between Hypno Domina and hypno slave. Mental Bondage is a state where a hypno slave feels bound to his Mistress without physical bondage. Imagery of physical bondage is often utilized during a BDSM hypnosis session, so that a hypno subject can visualize actual bondage over their body to enhance the mental ties that bind. This imagery may include strong bondage rope or inescapable strands in a sticky web. The essence of what many hypno seekers are turned on by is helplessness and powerlessness. Potent hypnotic suggestions can be utilized in addition to compelling triggers to invoke feelings of mental bondage and mind control.

Submissives and slaves crave feeling power over them, feeling control over them, crave belonging to their Hypno Femdom. The Domme unequivocally craves taking and exerting power in this D\s relationship paradigm. Erotic Hypnosis can keep a submissive in subspace long after a BDSM phone hypnosis session is over, by evoking inexorable bonds. “You feel my power over you now and my power will only grow stronger and stronger, even after I bring you back to a wakeful and mindful state.” “You belong to me.” “You live for me.” “You are mine.” “You’re bound to me by the power of words. These bonds can never be broken.”

If you want to feel such a deep and lasting connection to an esteemed Hypno Domme, to feel mental bondage over you, you need to click to call me on Niteflirt for an Erotic Hypnosis session. If I am not available when you encounter my intriguing blog post, you may email me using the button below to inquire about my availability on Niteflirt.



Humiliation Hypnosis

What erotic hypnosis facilitates is an even deeper feeling of being humiliated, since the hypnotic experience happens at the subconscious level. Affirming all the fears and vulnerabilities that the hypno subject has about himself, a skilled erotic hypnotist and humiliatrix like me will make the subject feel that he unequivocally deserves to be humiliated for (name the reason): having a small penis, being a loser, wearing sissy panties, being a cuckold, being a jerkoff junkie, going to the gloryhole, etc. The sentience is exponentially more powerful and resonates long after the hypnosis session.

If you enjoy erotic humiliation and want to experience it in a more profound way than ever before, you should try a hypnosis session with me now. Even if you do not find yourself in a deep trance in the first session, you will still feel humiliated with great intensity. And you will feel aroused while this is happening to you. Hypno is the ultimate mind fuck, because your conscious self is tuned out, allowing total penetration of your inner mind. If you think about it, it makes sense. You typically put up shields to defend and offset insecurities. You only give in when it arouses you, but as soon as you orgasm, you flip the switch and go back to the self you present to the world. You stash away your humiliated alter ego in that place you only revisit when you need a humiliation fix.

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