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I do not pursue what I call drive-thru hypnosis (five to ten minute hypno quickies). Erotic hypnosis is quickly becoming another phone sex niche in which many PSO’s claim to be proficient. If you are merely looking for drive-thru hypno, seek out McTrance elsewhere. McTrance is the dumbing down of Erotic Hypnosis to a phone sex call instead of a hypnotic experience. I do not consider myself to be a dollar menu HypnoDomme. I have invested hours of time in studying the art of hypnosis, reading, taking online courses as well as having practiced mind control and brainwashing for years on Niteflirt. My practice in mind control and brainwashing is primarily devoted to reprogramming and reconditioning of male sexuality. As one of the top rated Flirts, I consider what I have done so far to be very successful. While I have not yet received my certification as a hypnotist, I plan to seek certification for professional purposes in my career as well as on Niteflirt.

Welcome to Hypnosis Phone Sex, how may I help you? This same phenomenon of PSO’s jumping on a trending bandwagon happened with findom. Financial domination phone sex became populated with quick jerk off calls for anyone who had $10 and wanted to be blasted, “Give me all your money pay pig!” Now I am burdened with erotic hypnosis phone sex calls where hypno pigs want to be told they are going deeper under my spell, that I have complete control over their mind, then they abruptly hang up after a loud moan in five minutes. Would you like some ketchup with your orgasm?



Hypno Orgasm

There are several types of orgasms you can experience during a sensual erotic hypnosis phone sex session. If you wish to experience one of these types of hypno orgasms, tell me when you call me live on Niteflirt. This blog post is purposefully slanted toward male callers, since I have not received a call for hypnosis phonesex from a female caller, yet, wink wink. Hypno orgasms fall under one of the more popular types of Erotic Hypnosis, Orgasm Control Hypnosis, where I will take control of your arousal and orgasm.

1. Orgasm During Trance

Some erotic hypno phone sex callers experience a more powerful orgasm during trance than consciously masturbating to orgasm. These hypno seekers enjoy bliss as well, but ultimately their mind-blowing orgasm drives them to seek out trance again and again for the most volcanic climaxes. Let me take control of your state of arousal and lead you to an explosive orgasm.

2. Post Trance Orgasm

Some hypno sex callers experience a powerful O just coming out of trance when they find themselves cock in hand, erect and stroking. They are either back to a re-alerted conscious state or semi-conscious and still blissed when their orgasm commences. Let me guide you through an intense state of arousal in trance that will lead you to this orgasmic conclusion just after re-alerting (awakening) you.

2. Hands Free Hypno Orgasm

One of the most amazing erotic hypnosis sex experience is an orgasm without touching one’s genitals at all. For male callers, this obviously means that there is no manual cock stroking, only deep erotic suggestions and mental stimulation that culminate in a hands free ball blowing blast! Not all hypno subjects are capable of achieving this mind-bending orgasm, but still enjoy the heightened state of arousal.

3. Cum on Hypno Command

Another erotic sex experience is to be given guided masturbation during hypnotic trance leading to a countdown to orgasm or other command to cum. The masturbation pleasure builds until release is imminent whereupon the command results an in instantaneous, ecstatic orgasm. It’s time for you to cum now! Call me for live Orgasm Control Hypnosis on Niteflirt.

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Hypno Addiction

Many of my erotic hypnosis sessions are about building more addiction to hypnosis and addiction to me as a HypnoDomme. But when does hypno addiction become debilitating vs. erotic? Is an erotic hypnotist obligated to maintain an ethical stance and not pursue a hypno slave who has confessed that their addiction to hypnosis has led to total financial ruin?

With anything pleasurable, there exists the risk of becoming addicted, whether it is drink, drugs, sex, gambling, shopping, hypno pleasure seeking… However, I had not encountered a hypno slave before whose pleasure seeking had caused them to experience the downfall of compulsive addiction. Addiction isn’t always about the pleasure unto itself, but about what leads to the addiction, known as the stressor. The addiction relieves the stress or acts as self-medication or escape from the stress, then leads to more stress, typically because money is spent to pursue the addiction, beyond affordability. The rolling snowball soon builds to an avalanche, out of control. Here is a confession from a slave whose pursuit of erotic hypnosis went out of control:

last night’s trance session was beyond wonderful, thank you! i apologize to you for cutting the call short, and let me explain why. i have been a hypno junkie addict for many years, and i have paid an enormous price. it did bankrupt me and led to my divorce. it did cause me emotional stress that has been sometimes too difficult to handle. some time ago i began to try and deal with it. before last night i had not spoken to anyone or gone into an induced trance in almost 2 months. i fell off the wagon last night because i am still human and once an addict, the hunger is a day to day battle. if i had the money to continue ad infinitum, i would be honored to spend it on you! everything last night was really me, really truth. i never have and never will make believe, and now i must continue that honesty by telling you i can not become a frequent and ongoing subject. over the past months i have been building up my defenses so like last night, i have a brake pedal to keep from backsliding, and if i do fall off the wagon, i can stop it before it goes too far. my life has been filled with more than enough grief and trials. last night’s wonder made up for a whole lot of that. You are quite a skilled lady, and you sound like you have a good soul as well – rare combination. i need to remain distant and try again to stop from falling into a trap that this time could be bottomless and horrible. please accept my apology and praise. perhaps we will cross paths again. believe me, i am not bouncing from domme to domme any more, and this note is not b.s. it is the truth.

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Sensory Hypnosis

One of my treasured erotic hypnosis phone sex callers has a unique crystal pendant and uses it to enhance his trance experience when he calls. He also sets up a pretty flickering LED candle in an otherwise darkened room, plays delightfully hypnotic music on a CD player and swings the crystal pendant back and forth in the candlelight to my evocative hypnotic induction until he slips down into a mesmerized state and enters deep trance. To appeal to another physical sense, I instructed him to buy a scent diffuser and utilize scented oil during our erotic hypnosis phone sessions. All of these elements engage him in a wonderfully sensational and sensory erotic hypnosis session.

Visual sense – check
Aural sense – check
Olfactory sense – check
Dim lighting for pupil dilation – check

Just recently, I suggested he buy a motor massage cushion for his recliner to send vibrations through his body for more sensual impact. He is shopping for one online. I don’t want him to reach sensory overload per se, but one popular hypnosis technique is that if you overload a hypno subject’s mind with too many sensory inputs which flood the brain’s sensory nerve centers with neural impulses, it becomes easy to offer their mind the bliss of “trance” as the easiest route of escape. Trance wipes out conscious awareness of overstimulation. If you want to experience trance that appeals to your senses, or this type of sensory overload induction, we can explore these together in a sensory hypnosis phone session.

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“I Bet You Can’t Hypnotize Me”

Of course I can’t, because I won’t! Callers like this are just baiting me, for pointless entertainment. These callers aren’t really interested in hypnosis, but engaging me, the erotic hypnotist, in a time-wasting parry. Crank hypno callers who dare to be hypnotized are the same ilk as those pseudo-subbies who claim they can’t be dominated. “I bet you can’t dominate me.” The Niteflirt caller block feature works quite well in dealing with these types of callers who don’t respect female dominance and who get their kicks from their faux defensive stance. Sometimes I just laugh at them and state, “No, but I can take your money, let’s keep talking and see how much I can take.” When money is brought up, this reminds wankers that their true desire is to spend as little as possible to obtain their jerk off jollies. Besides, I want these wankers out of the way for those who want to experience true trance or dominance to be able to ring through.

A classic line received today: “When are you at your phone and why should I choose you?” I responded: “I am never at my phone, my phone is not a place. I am at home and when the phone rings, I answer. You can answer your question as to why I should choose you, after you call, then you will know, you made the right choice.” Of course, I knew my answer would not motivate this non-caller. He was just looking for free email titillation about why he should choose me for an erotic hypnosis call.

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