Hypnosis OBE

A Niteflirt hypno aficionado who craves an Out of Body Experience during hypnosis has been in my thrall. Also known by the acronyms OBE or OOBE, hypnosis is one way to achieve this altered state of consciousness. Be aware he enhances his OBE with a little intox first. I am not saying you can’t reach an OBE without intox, but you know yourself better than I. Therefore, you would know if you need a little chemical induction in addition to a hypnotic induction.

Giordano, Luca (Italian, 1632-1705) - The Dream of Solomon, 1693, Museo del Prado, Madrid

The experience of being outside your body can be pleasurable or unnerving. You must be relaxed, willing and curious. If you wish to explore this phenomenon during a hypnosis session, we can chat about your desires for an OBE. Be sure to tell me about any OBEs you have experienced, such as in dreams or listening to hypnosis mp3s especially those featuring binaural beats. Then I will trance you. There is no guarantee you will experience an OBE. Be aware that it takes a longer hypno session of 40 – 45 minutes or more to open that mental portal. Don’t think you can get to an OBE quickly. You also need time to be re-oriented from your OBE as well.



All You Can Eat at the Hypno Buffet

I have always been fascinated by hypnosis. I would love to be hypnotized and given triggers to bring me in and out of hypnosis, to make me cum on command, to make me forget who I am, to be made to believe I am A girl or a baby or a puppet or a puppy. All of these in the same session. Basically to just be played with to feel your control over me. Can you do that? … from a Niteflirt hypnosis seeker

Too much! Don’t try to integrate too many elements into a Niteflirt erotic hypnosis session. Be selective. Experience these elements uniquely or intervolved but not piled on top of each as if you were stuffing yourself at an all you can eat hypno buffet! And when you send an email inquiry, include a Tribute for me to read and respond. Be respectful of my time and dominant energy.



Erotic Hypnosis Merchant Bank Dilemma

I’ve been thinking about starting my own hypnosis mp3 store in addition to featuring my mp3s in the Niteflirt Goodies. I know that so many of the top Hypnodommes such as Isabella Valentine and HypnoTessa have their own erotic hypnosis mp3 stores. It would make sense to have a single destination store for my hypnosis, mind control and brainwashing mp3 recordings with adult credit card processing and instant download capabilities. One of the biggest issues with Erotic Hypnosis is that many adult merchant account processors will not process hypnosis transactions whether for cam shows, live calls, video clips or audio files. Niteflirt is one of the largest adult venues where their merchant bank will accept hypnosis related transactions of digital goods and audiotext. However, Clips4Sale.com and Kinkbomb.com do not allow hypnosis content. If you go to an adult site and you see the word hypnosis frequently misspelled as hypn0s1s or hyp n0sls or variations thereof you know that site’s merchant account frowns on or even bans such transactions. Therefore, the site is attempting a slick workaround from this dilemma.

There have been several theories why hypno isn’t merchant account friendly. One theory is that there are frequent chargebacks for hypno related material (many hypno aficionados binge buy and experience buyers’ remorse). Another is that the merchant bank is concerned that the buyer’s level of awareness is impaired during hypnosis, that is if they are truly hypnotized during the transaction.



Becum a Fagbot mp3

If you enjoy forced bi or forced faggotization, my new mp3 – Becum a Fagbot! – will take you deeper into faggotry. You will feel the effects of my robo-voice penetrating your mind layered with techno music to reprogram you to desire cock, cock and only cock. If you dare to listen, this mp3 is 9:14 and is incentive priced at $6.99! Click the Button below to buy it now!

New MP3: Becum a Fagbot!

This holiday weekend, I’ve been composing devious hypno scripts to record when I have the time. I hope to be launching more mp3s soon, titles including: Poppers Zombie, Mind Fucked to Obey, Big Black Cock and Gay Brainwashing! My erotic hypnosis mp3s will be very subversive and irresistible!



Hypno Switch

I had a recent Niteflirt phone sex hypnosis inquiry about whether I would consider embarking on a call where I would hypnotized by the caller. This Niteflirt caller claimed to be a hypno dom. I’m not what anyone would term a Hypno Switch. The caller told me… “Too bad, because I spend a lot of money on hypnotizing women on Niteflirt.” Like I was going to be missing out on his money? Pfffft. My Niteflirt account says there are far more men who spend far more money to be hypnotized on Niteflirt than vice versa.

There may be Erotic Hypno Dommes who will switch and if that is their nature, fine. I’m not expressing a disdain for anyone who switches. The nature of a switch is an interesting phenomenon, but on the continuum of domination vs submission, I am firmly dominant.


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